Traditional Metal Braces and Suitable Alternatives to Consider

Jul 01, 2021

Traditional Metal braces were still a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure that helps to straighten crooked teeth, improve self-esteem and help patients achieve their desired smile. Nevertheless, this type of braces has its limitations and can also affect the user psychologically because of how obvious it can be when worn. It can also cause discomfort and pain.

Patients who use metal braces or are recommended to use props usually react in any of the following ways.

Many usually worry about smiling in public when they wear metal braces. It can be pronounced to notice may actually put off some people due to how distinct it is from the natural teeth and how it is lined. Others worry about the discomfort of wearing the braces and fear that it may impair their speech. However, other patients are generally indifferent and tend to focus on the result of achieving straighter and well-aligned teeth. Others let their fears overwhelm them and let go of the choice of using the metal braces to get straight teeth and a better-improved smile.

These reactions show how much of a dilemma Metal braces can put patients in due to how they look and how uncomfortable they can be. If you have misaligned or crooked teeth and desire to straighten and align them, but do not want to use metal braces, then know that you are not alone.

Metal braces help achieve straight teeth, improve confidence and ensure a more perfect smile. However, you would need to wear them consistently from several months to several years to get the results you desire. These are some of the challenges of traditional metal braces and how much it demands to give you your desired outcome. Fortunately, you do not have to wear it at all.

Technological advancements in dental treatment have helped counter these fears and anxiety by more suitable options being made available. This means that there are now right braces that perform metal braces without you having to go through any of your fears. These braces are non-metals and help treat misaligned or crooked teeth. They are not easily identifiable when worn because they are made with natural tooth color that allows you to smile as much as you want.

Here are some of these types of braces and Alignersto fix your dental issues perfectly.

Ceramic veneers.

The veneer is a perfect fit for patients who have gaped, chipped, discolored, or misshaped teeth. This shield is made from long-lasting thin ceramic materials that can serve a patient for as long as 15 years with proper maintenance.

A thin front layer is removed from the teeth surface for this treatment and replaced by a customized veneer as a covering. There are two types of veneers, ceramic porcelain, and resin composite. Dentists usually recommend ceramic veneers because they are more durable and do not break than resin veneers.


In recent times Invisalign has become a popular teeth alignment treatment. It is customized to treat crossbite, overbite, crowded teeth, gapped teeth, and misaligned teeth. Patients prefer Invisalign treatment because it is almost invisible and removable, making it easy to use compared to metal braces. The results from Invisalign treatment are noticeable within a year, making it a faster option than metal braces.


Lingual braces are a preferred dental treatment compared to metal braces. It requires brackets and wires, just like metal braces, but the wire is placed at the back of the teeth,shielding them from sight.

Lingual braces are a suitable option if you are concerned about people’s reactions when you wear braces. However, it is not recommended for patients with small teeth and overbites issues.

Ceramic braces.

This is also a similar treatment to metal braces. The brackets are made of tooth-colored ceramic held in place with metal wires visible when they open their mouths. This treatment could take a long time because the brackets break easily and could require the patient to visit the dentist from time to time to fix it.

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