Here are a few of our most-asked questions at Dental by Design in Phoenix. Take a look through them to see if your question has been answered. If you have further questions, feel free to give us a call. We love assisting our patients.

How often do I need to visit the dentist?

For individuals who haven’t had any issues with their teeth or gums, a dental exam and cleaning are recommended every six months. Those who have been treated for periodontal disease usually have to visit the dentist more frequently.

How do I care for my teeth at home?

Brush twice a day for a least two minutes at a time. A soft-bristled toothbrush is recommended, as well as fluoride toothpaste. Though it is often overlooked, flossing daily is an essential part of good oral health. Young children should be supervised when brushing and flossing until good habits have been established.

I take great care of my teeth. Do I still need a cleaning?

Definitely! Even if you are very careful about brushing and flossing regularly, there are areas of your mouth that are difficult to reach. You will need to visit your dentist at Dental by Design to have those areas cleaned to prevent cavities or gum disease.

What should I do if I have a dental emergency?

If you have suffered an oral injury in Phoenix such as a fractured or knocked-out tooth, contact our office first to see if you can make an emergency appointment. Even if it is outside of office hours, give us a call to check if an alternate number is given.

Dental cement can be very useful for issues such as cracked or broken teeth. If a tooth has been knocked out (avulsed), try to retrieve it, clean it (handling it only by the crown, not the root) by gently rinsing under water, and keep it in a container of milk or your saliva until you can see your dentist.

I have anxiety about visiting the dentist. Is there anything I can do about it?

First of all, understand that the goal of all the professionals at Dental by Design is to help maintain oral health in a comfortable environment, so there’s nothing to be afraid of. If you need help relaxing, however, talk to your dentist about sedation dentistry.

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