General Dentistry in Phoenix

General dentistry is a basic, yet very important, part of our lives. General dentists have the hard task of preventative care and education to make sure that you can use your teeth to the full with the least amount of problems as possible.

What do general dentistry services include?

  • Preventative maintenance and educationThis means teaching you how to properly care for your teeth with important lessons such as proper tooth brushing techniques. It also means giving you a thorough cleaning to remove any plaque buildup that might be present.
  • Restorative servicesWhen you encounter a dental problem, which sometimes seems inevitable, such as a cavity or a lost tooth, you can go to the nearest general dental office and have take care of it.
  • Cosmetic proceduresA general dentist can typically help you with simple cosmetic procedures such as effective teeth whitening, bonding, and even veneers!

General dentistry can help you to mitigate all kinds of serious problems that surface. A general dentist helps you not only avoid a cavity as best as possible, but also fix a cavity if it arises.

Dental by Design can help you with all of your general dentistry needs with personalized care in the comfort of our beautiful, newly-updated office. We make your oral health our top priority. We understand that cavities, exams, cleanings, and even a routine whitening typically isn’t the highlight of your day, but we do our best to keep our clients comfortable and happy. Just stop by your local general dentist in Phoenix, AZ and check us out!

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