Tips on Drinking With Invisalign Aligners

Tips on Drinking With Invisalign Aligners

Jan 01, 2022

Invisalign is a clear, customized aligner used by individuals who want to straighten their teeth. They are an alternative to braces and can be used by teenagers or adults to fix bad bites or gaps in teeth. Invisalign is a popular choice of aligner since its transparent material allows users to straighten teeth discreetly. With these aligners, you do not have to give up your social life!

After being fitted with Invisalign near you for fast and successful results, you should protect your aligners by watching what you eat and drink. The aligners must also be worn by the patient for a minimum of 20 hours each day. Thus, taking them out frequently to eat and drink is not advisable. Here is what you should know about drinking during orthodontic treatment.

Do You Have to Take Out Invisalign to Drink?

What is in your cup or bottle will determine whether you should take out your Invisalign to drink. This is because the plastic material that makes these aligners can be damaged by some beverages. For instance, drinks too hot can warp the plastic, while colored drinks can stain it. In addition, the custom-fitted aligners may trap acids or sugar from drinks and lead to teeth decay.

To enjoy the benefits of Invisalign during treatment, take out your aligners if your drink is hot, colored, sugary, or acidic. The only glass that does not need you to take out your aligners while taking it is room temperature or cool water.

Can I Drink Coffee or Tea with Invisalign?

Tea and coffee can have adverse effects on Invisalign. First, these drinks are best enjoyed when hot or warm. The heat can cause the material to warp and change its shape. Your aligner may irritate your gums and become less effective, forcing you to get a new set.

Secondly, tea and coffee are pigmented and can easily stain your removable aligners, their attachments, and even your teeth. So take out your Invisalign whenever you take some tea or coffee, and then clean your mouth before putting them back.

Can I Take Alcohol, Beer, or Wine With Invisalign?

If you are afraid of ruining your Friday night out with friends because of your aligners, worry no more. Red wine or colored beer can indeed stain your Invisalign. In addition, the sugar in alcohol can cause dental decay if trapped under the aligner. Taking out the aligners to enjoy your drink is not advisable. You may forget to put them back and increase treatment time or even lose them.

To avoid these issues, you can switch your favorite drinks with those that are clear. If you must have your red wine, sip some water continuously to prevent staining the Invisalign. Brush teeth and clean the aligners after taking these drinks. This will help avoid staining and to keep cavity-causing bacteria out of your teeth.

Can I Drink Water or Soda with Invisalign?

Cool or room temperature water is the only drink you can consume with your aligners during treatment with Invisalign in Phoenix. In fact, any time you switch to a new aligner during the Invisalign procedure, the dentist encourages you to take some cool water. If your gums are tender, the cool water will ease the discomfort and reduce inflammation.

However, remove your aligners while taking hot water to avoid damaging them. Soda contains acids and sugar, which increase the risk of teeth decay when caught between teeth and Invisalign. So any time you want to have some soda, take out your aligners. After drinking, rinse your mouth with some water or mouth rinse or brush your teeth, then put your aligners back.

Tips for Drinking With Invisalign

Here are few tips to help you care for your aligners as you drink and enjoy the benefits of Invisalign treatment.

  1. Sip some cool or room temperature water while consuming any other beverage while your aligners are in.
  2. Before drinking hot, fizzy, acidic, or sugary drinks, red wine, coffee, and tea, take out your aligners.
  3. Brush or rinse your mouth before putting your aligners back after taking any drink other than water.
  4. If you forget and consume colored, sugary or acidic beverages with your aligners in, take them out immediately. First, rinse or brush your teeth, clean the aligners and put them back in your mouth.

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