Want To Teach Your Kids Fun Ways to Get Them Brush Their Teeth: Try These 5 for Starters

Feb 01, 2021

Do you find it challenging getting your kids to brush while having fun with them simultaneously? You can try some silly but useful ways to get your kids excited when taking care of their teeth. The hard work will pay off sooner or later, and your kids will be happy to brush their teeth twice a day and display their pearly whites to their Kool kids dentist.

Parenting is challenging, and teaching kids appropriate dental hygiene compounds the matter. You confront a twice-daily battle trying to get your kids to have some fun when brushing their teeth. However, win the match in the child’s early years, and you can remain confident you have one the war for the child for their lifetime. Tooth decay is a common chronic condition among children, although it is mostly preventable. Children between six and 19 are susceptible to this condition, according to the CDC. Poor oral hygiene is associated with everything from dental pain, infections, cavities, and speech delays.

Oral health has a linkage to overall health, and it is essential to ensure children receive proper dental education at an early age as it helps them to remain healthy throughout their lives. What can you do to make your child’s everyday oral hygiene routine fun? Here are five ways that make brushing and flossing fun for your child:

Oral Hygiene Must Begin at an Early Age

The kid’s dentist near you recommends brushing and flossing be part of your child’s morning and nightly routines. They go as far as to recommend dental care for children must begin even before their first tooth emerges. You can use a damp cloth to wipe down their gums every night and switch to a toothbrush when their first tooth erupts at six months. Flossing their teeth from the age of two or three is also recommended. Visits to the dentist in Phoenix, AZ, are recommended by their first birthday irrespective of how many teeth are in their mouths.

Setting a Good Example

Parents looking to teach good dental hygiene must practice what they preach. Children love to mimic parents, and when they observe parents flossing, they are more likely to emulate them. Parents are advised to encourage children to copy their every move when brushing and flossing with them.

Tooth Brushing Can Turn into a Game

It is incredibly essential for children or adults to brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes each. Studies reveal that spending more time brushing helps to remove more plaque. However, getting children to enjoy brushing early is quite challenging, and therefore, there is no harm in turning tooth brushing into a game.

Brushing during a commercial break on TV for 30 seconds is an excellent way to get your child to brush one part of their mouth. By the time the child has brushed their entire mouth, their favorite TV show is back on. Parents must ensure the TV is turned off at least one hour before bedtime to ensure the child gets a good night’s sleep.

Parents can use a timer filled with colorful sand and challenge children to continue brushing until all the sand has reached the bottom. Perhaps parents can consider buying their child a blinking toothbrush or one playing music for two minutes.

Offering incentives is an excellent way to encourage children to brush and floss appropriately from an early age. Parents mustn’t forget to praise children by talking about their fantastic technique for brushing teeth or their pearly whites as it encourages them.

Telling Stories

Children have vivid imaginations and are quickly attracted to stories. Parents can imagine any story they want, involving the tooth fairy and brushing to keep children interested in their oral hygiene.

Choosing Appropriate Tools

Brushing and flossing are challenging for children, especially with little hands. Parents must shop for specific tools like toddler toothbrushes or flossers without sharp edges. Choosing inappropriate tools may require parents to search for emergency dentist Phoenix for treatments the child needs after injuries when brushing or flossing.

Parents must try to create a fun and engaging routine at home for children, ensuring that they develop a lifelong habit of caring for their teeth. Brushing and flossing can be fun and straightforward, and pain-free if parents are determined that their child must have fun engaging in everyday oral hygiene routines.

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