The Orthodontist near Me Providing Treatments for Teeth Straightening

May 01, 2021

Does a teenager in your family have issues with crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth? The young one in your family confronts challenges maintaining their dental hygiene in appropriate condition, falling prey to tooth decay and gum disease issues. You may consider taking the young one to the orthodontist near me for correcting the problems confirming you are on the right path. However, you can also find the help you need if you contact the dentist near me, also providing orthodontic treatments to teenagers and adults.

The orthodontic problems affecting the teenager doesn’t just impact their dental health but also their self-confidence because they cannot smile confidently before everyone. Orthodontics looks after proper positioning of the teeth dealing with the relationship between the teeth and the jawbone. The dentist’s treatments in Phoenix, AZ, help straighten the teenager’s teeth or even realign their jaw over time. The remedies also help to enhance the appearance of the teeth and their functionality. The teenager can look after their long-term dental health and jaw joints by spreading the biting pressure over all their teeth.

Is Orthodontic Treatment Essential?

Suppose the teenager has overcrowded or crooked teeth, orthodontic treatment health to straighten them or move them into a better position. The movement improves the appearance of the teeth besides the way the teeth bite together while making them comfortable to clean.

If the teenager has upper front teeth sticking out and looking unsightly, they are more likely to become damaged. In such cases, orthodontic treatment moves the teeth back into their proper positions. Upper teeth in prominent positions also lead to an incorrect bite and strain the jaw muscles, causing problems with the joint and jaw and even headaches. Orthodontic treatment can help the teenager to bite evenly to reduce the strain.

At What Age Should Orthodontic Treatment Be Considered?

The ideal time for orthodontic treatments is childhood, but adults can also receive the treatments. Over 20 percent of Americans are currently receiving orthodontic treatments for correcting problems with their teeth and jaw. Age is not an essential consideration other than having the correct number of teeth. With children, the need to wait until sufficient teeth have emerged is necessary before seeking orthodontic treatment.

Who Performs Orthodontic Treatment?

You can either seek treatment for the teenager from the orthodontist near me or even visit dentist Phoenix providing teeth straightening treatments. The orthodontist near you is a specialist with additional qualifications in straightening teeth. However, it does not mean the Phoenix dentist cannot provide similar treatments as they frequently treat children, teenagers, and adults who approach them with dental imperfections.

What Does Orthodontic Treatment Involve?

An essential part of orthodontic treatments is an examination of the teenager’s mouth. The dentist looks at the teenager’s teeth taking dental x-rays and making molds of their teeth. The dental team at the dentist’s office will discuss the treatment modalities for the teenager. After you confirm you want to go ahead, the treatment can begin as soon as possible.

If the teenager has overcrowded teeth, the dentist recommends removing some teeth to make space for the others to move correctly into place. Orthodontic treatments are performed using various types of appliances called braces, either fixed or removable.

Teenagers often receive fixed braces to guide their teeth accurately with brackets and bands attached to the teeth temporarily. Flexible wires join the brackets allowing the movement of the teeth. Fixed appliances aren’t removable by the teenager and need help from the dentist. The teenager must visit the dentist every four to six weeks for adjustments to tighten the braces.

What Is the Duration of Orthodontic Treatment?

The complexity of the situation affecting the teenager determines how long the treatment lasts. Generally, orthodontic treatments for severe cases require two to three years or more before the teeth move into their correct positions.

After completing orthodontic treatment, the teenager must wear retainers to ensure their teeth are held in position and do not move back. The retainers hold the straightened teeth in position, allowing the surrounding gums and bone to settle. Dentists recommend fixed or removable retainers depending on the severity of the original problem.

Are Orthodontic Treatments Successful?

The success of orthodontic treatments depends on the dentist’s skills and the enthusiasm and cooperation of the patient. Patients must follow the dentist’s instructions stringently, including visiting the dentist for regular appointments. If your teenager is undergoing orthodontic treatment, it is essential for you as a parent to take an interest in the treatment and get the teenager to follow instructions.

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