Teeth Whitening Strips: Do They Really Work?

Apr 05, 2019

Teeth whitening in 85044 has become more and more popular in recent years. Many patients are discovering whitening strips that can be used at home, claiming to bring you brighter teeth in a certain amount of time. They are easy to use, but do they really work?

With whitening strips, a thin plastic layer is placed teeth with a bleaching solution on the side of teeth that are visible. The bleaching solution should be applied to teeth via whitening strips a maximum of two times a day for two weeks. The upper and lower teeth should be done separately, as strips cannot be shared between the upper and lower teeth.

How Do Bleaching Strips Work?

The bleaching solution used in whitening strips is typically peroxide while other bleaching solutions may use dioxide, which is more effective in peroxide but may cause damage when it is used in high concentrations. When peroxide is exposed to oxygen, it breaks down and allows oxygen to penetrate the pores of the enamel. This process breaks stains apart on a molecular level, leading to whiter teeth. Dioxide whitening strips are more effective at bleaching teeth than whitening toothpastes and abrasives that do not contain any kind of peroxide.

Negatives of Bleaching

Whitening strips are a cheap alternative to professional bleaching, and they can be applied without any assistance. However, you may experience increased sensitivity as well as irritation of the gums when using this product. It may become painful to eat or drink items that are very hot or very cold, such as ice cream or coffee. It will cease when you stop using the whitening treatment. You can use a restorative toothpaste to reduce the sensitivity in your teeth.

For premier teeth whitening in Phoenix without increased sensitivity, visit Dental by Design – your dentist in Phoenix, AZ that can provide you with whitening options safe for your teeth. We have advanced whitening treatments available that brighten teeth in just one dental visit, so you do not have to avoid extreme temperatures due to prolonged sensitivity from cheap whitening strips.

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