emergdentalHave a Toothache or Dental Emergency?

Life happens. Unforeseen accidents and disorders can send you reeling with dental pain. If you are experiencing anything from mild tooth discomfort to painful throbbing, it can be nearly impossible to concentrate or function regularly. You don’t have to suffer through the pain. Dental By Design offers expert emergency dentistry services to alleviate your symptoms and diagnose the cause.

Do You Need an Emergency Dentist?

You can’t predict when an emergency will strike. You may go to bed at night feeling great and don’t realize that you’ve been developing a cavity or that an infection has been festering in your gum. You wake up in the morning and WHAM! You’ve got the toothache of a lifetime and an unforeseen dental emergency. You can try to get through the next few days until you’re able to finally get an appointment with a random dentist, or you can call Dental By Design with emergency dentists who are ready and available to make the pain go away and fix the underlying problem causing your toothache.

Reasons for Needing Emergency Dentistry

Cracked Tooth. Over the years your teeth can become weak due to wear and tear, resulting in a painful cracked tooth. Often, a toothache is a result of a cracked tooth which can only be detected by x-rays. Dental By Design can relieve your pain and offers a variety of dental emergency solutions including dental crowns and implants.

Infection. An underlying dental problem could be the cause of a serious infection, and eventually pain and swelling.

Trauma. An accident or injury could possibly cause you to lose or damage a tooth, resulting in incredible pain and a dental emergency. Seeing a qualified professional emergency dentist will ensure that you receive the best solutions for tooth replacement.

Other Serious Problems. Any combination of serious oral health problems can cause sudden toothache pain and lead to further complications.