Whiten your Teeth

Procedures to Whiten Your Teeth

Dec 01, 2020

Teeth whitening is an incredibly popular business that is sought after by everyone. You may have discolored teeth due to various reasons and may want to enhance your teeth’s appearance by whitening them. Before you proceed any further, it is incredibly essential for you to understand if you wish to whiten your teeth or breach your teeth with teeth whitening Phoenix.

Are you aware what is the difference between whitening your teeth and getting them bleached? Whitening your teeth is comfortable if you decide to use whitening toothpaste, over-the-counter strips, and rinses. Bleaching your teeth is entirely different and will cost you a lot more even as it delivers significant results faster.

If you merely want to whiten your teeth as described earlier, you can visit your neighborhood drugstore to purchase one of the whitening methods that you will find in abundance. You may even receive a recommendation from your pharmacist on which product will give you the best results. However, if you want faster results, it helps to contact the Phoenix area dentists and schedule an appointment with them for teeth whitening in Phoenix.

Why Should You Consider Teeth Whitening from a Dentist?

The question you raise is valid. You may want to understand why you must spend $ 650 for in-office teeth whitening when over-the-counter products are available for $ 100 or less. However, it will help if you know a qualified dentist provides the teeth whitening to you in a dental clinic. The dentist ensures you do not have to confront any situations that will send you searching for a Phoenix emergency dentist seeking further treatments on your teeth.

Phoenix area dentists give you a prophylactic cleaning before starting the procedure of teeth whitening. If you have dental issues like cavities, gum disease, or any other infection, they advise you to have the conditions treated before undergoing the bleaching process. Alternatively, they offer you the treatments requesting you to return for another appointment for the bleaching.

Hydrogen peroxide, the bleaching agent used by dentists, is concentrated and can leave you with sensitive teeth if you are undergoing the process with the dental infections affecting you. Dentists want to ensure you do not experience any discomfort but have the whitening treatment comfortably to enjoy better-looking teeth from the dentist’s office.

How Long Is the Teeth Bleaching Procedure?

Teeth bleaching procedure requires about an hour, during which time the dentist applies the bleaching agent to your teeth two to three times at 15-minute intervals. At the end of one hour, you will notice the results, which may have improved by three to eight shades.

If you do not want to visit, the dentist’s office can request at-home bleaching trays, which are custom designed by the dentist. The treatment is provided with a bleaching solution that you must fill in the trays and wear them over your teeth for about an hour every day. At-home bleaching trays will help you maintain the shade of your teeth longer.

With teeth whitening increasing in popularity significantly, many products are available in supermarkets and drugstores for this purpose. Unfortunately, most products are merely whitening agents and not bleaching products. Some whitening strips contain carbamide peroxide at low concentrations, unlikely to give you the results you desire. At best, the products are a waste of effort and money because you would only have purchased disappointment instead of a product to enhance your teeth’ appearance.

Some beauty salons and spas are also offering bleaching treatments claiming they can deliver useful results. You may quickly be drawn by the prices at which they offer the treatments. However, you must understand that the bleaching in salons and spas is performed by unqualified professionals who have no experience managing dental problems that hydrogen peroxide can create. These treatments will ensure you undoubtedly need attention from the Phoenix emergency dentist because they would have caused more harm to your teeth than any good. Therefore it will be beneficial if you avoided over-the-counter products and bleaching treatments from salons and spas in favor of in-office teeth whitening from a qualified dentist.

Before you undergo teeth whitening in Phoenix, it will help if you understand teeth whitening treatments are not permanent, and discoloration of your teeth will happen gradually over time. Suppose you wish to keep your teeth appearing whiter and brighter. In that case, you must avoid staining foods and beverages, have a diet full of crunchy fruits and vegetables, brush and floss your teeth as recommended by your dentist can visit the dentist for exams and cleanings every six months. It is the best way to maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

Are you looking for procedures to whiten your teeth? It will help if you understood the difference between whitening and bleaching by reading this article before proceeding with the treatment.

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