Young Athletes from Dental Injuries

How to Protect Young Athletes from Dental Injuries

Aug 01, 2019

If your child is engaged actively in sports or adventure, it’s important to protect their teeth and gums from injury. Children engaged in sports, often put their teeth and gums at the risk of injury. As a responsible parent, you must protect the smile of your child as dental injury can impact their dental health as well as esthetics.

Common Sports-Related Dental Injuries

  • Knocked Out Tooth

When a tooth gets knocked out due to sports injury, you need to try to save it by visiting the dentist or emergency room as early as possible. If you reach the dentist in 85044 on time, you can save the teeth. Keep the tooth in cold water or a bowl of milk while you travel to the dental office.

  • Chipped/Cracked Tooth

In case a tooth gets chipped, you must see the dentist near Phoenix, AZ, immediately as he can repair it with the help of bonding. In some cases, the nerve of the tooth can be affected, which may need extensive treatment.

  • Displaced Tooth

You should not do anything to your tooth and see the dentist immediately. You can use ice for alleviating discomfort while you reach the dentist. You must avoid moving the tooth back to its original location.

Preventing Sports-Related Dental Injuries

One of the best ways of protecting your children from dental injuries is to make them wear a mouth guard. Though you can find generic mouth guards at any sports store, it’s better to see a dentist and get a custom mouth guard made, which can fit the mouth the correct way, ensuring maximum protection.

The dentist near Phoenix, AZ, will take the impression of the tooth and get a custom mouth guard made for your child. You simply need to make sure that your child wears it every time he/she engages in sports activities. If your child wears braces, the dentist will give special mouth guard for accommodating the braces. Also, it is important to keep the mouth guard clean so that bacteria don’t get accumulated in it.

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