How to Make Teeth Brushing Fun For Your Kid

Jan 01, 2021

Getting your children to brush their teeth daily is harder than it seems. Most parents find it hard to have their kids brush their teeth on their own. Explaining the importance of proper oral hygiene to them won’t help. Kids unlike adults won’t take such advice seriously.

Getting a child to find teeth brushing fun is every parent’s ultimate dream. Once your child finds it fun to brush their teeth they will improve their oral health. This is important in kids as it will keep away many dental issues like tooth decay.

In this article, we will share some tips that will help you make teeth brushing fun for your kids. Once they start brushing teeth on their own, their dental health will be optimal. Read on and find out what our kool kid dentist recommends to ensure teeth brushing becomes fun for your children.

Lead By Example by Brushing Teeth With Them

Kids always find it fun to do things that adults do. As a parent, you should take advantage of this. You can teach your children how to brush their own teeth by doing it in front of them. They will find it amazing and will want to try it on their own.

You can even make this fun by exaggerating how you move your toothbrush. This will make them eager to try it. Soon it will be a fun activity for them and they will brush their teeth without being told. Our pediatric dentist in 85044 will give you extra tips on how to make this exercise fun for your kids.

Reward Your Kids After Brushing Their Teeth

Give your children gifts after they brush their teeth. This will go a long way in making teeth brushing a fun exercise for them. You can also praise them and make them feel good after they brush their teeth. This will encourage them and they will do it on a regular basis so that they can be rewarded.

It will soon be a habit for them and you won’t need to reward them anymore. Making your kids see teeth brushing as a fun and cool activity is important as further as their oral health is concerned.

Add Some Music

Playing your kid’s favorite music while brushing will make the exercise enjoyable. You can have them dance to the music while brushing. This will make teeth brushing a fun experience for them. Music can also help train your child on the length of brushing their teeth. You can set the music to play for the recommended teeth brushing duration. Dentists in phoenix recommend that brushing teeth should last for at least two minutes.
You can have your children start playing the music and stop brushing only after the music has stopped.

Parents can alternatively sing a song to their children as they brush their teeth. This will ensure they do it for the recommended time and keep their dental health optimal.

Let Your Kid Take Over

Kids find it fun when they are in control where there is an adult. During teeth brushing with your kid, let them take control. You can observe how they do it and correct them thereafter by showing them how it is done. Use this chance to show them how to properly brush their teeth to keep most dental issues at bay.

Make Several Adjustments

Several changes can make teeth brushing fun for your kid if they find it boring. Here are some of the things you can do to make teeth brushing fun for your child. You can also consult a dentist in phoenix az on the adjustments to make.

  • Use warm instead of cold water. Most kids don’t like cold water, try using warm water to brush their teeth and see if it works.
  • Use a different toothpaste flavor. Fruity flavors will easily appeal to kids. Your child will find it easier and more fun to brush teeth if the toothpaste tastes fruity.
  • Change to a soft-bristled toothbrush. If your kid has sensory problems, you should give them a soft-bristled toothbrush that won’t hurt them. They will find it fun to brush their teeth if the brush feels soft in their mouth.

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