How Mouth Guards Prevent Sports Dental Injuries

May 16, 2019

Daring to play a contact sports like hockey or football without a mouth guard can be fatal for your teeth. Just like you wear guards at all important parts of the body to save the delicate parts from injury, you must wear mouth guards too to save the upper tooth from direct hits and impacts. However without proper guidance, using one of the mouth guards sold or all in the market, which are supposed to fit all, can be quite uncomfortable. To avoid distractions during your game play due to poorly fitting mouth guard, you must talk to your Dentist 85044 about your exact requirements. You can get a custom made mouth guard, highly durable, and made for your safety and comfort from the Phoenix dentist near you.

What sports should I wear mouth guards for?

Mouth guards are the typical requirements for contact sports. Football, hockey and boxing are deemed as the main contact sports. There are some other sports too which poses threat of impact and damage to teeth. They are soccer, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and gymnastics.

How do mouth guards work?

A sudden impact on teeth can result in a broken or chipped teeth, lose teeth, extreme pain, gum bleeding, tissue injuries etc. After an impact your teeth alignment may also change, and you may never again get back your original smile and comfort with chewing and biting, unless you go through treatment. Mouth guard blocks and minimizes chances of all such impacts by sitting as a barrier between your upper jaw and upper lip in between the teeth.

What are the different types of mouth guards?

The different types of mouth guards are Stock mouth guards, Boil and Bite mouth guards, and custom mouth guards. The first type refers to the commonly available one which has the one size fits all design. Dentist in Phoenix AZ suggests, they would never fit you exactly as you need, and you would have gaps in between your teeth and guard, and also have difficulty in talking and breathing. The Boil and Bite guards are made of a material which can be softened with boiling, so that you may easily grip on to them by biting.

What type of mouth guard offers the best protection?

Custom guards are the ones you actually need for the best fit and protection to wear it, and talk and breathe with confidence and comfort. And you can get it made from Dental by Design where your Dentist in Phoenix would take accurate measurements to make it for you.

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