How do Dental Crown Work

How Do Dental Crowns Work?

Jul 01, 2019

Crown restorations are one of the most common dental procedures performed by the dentist in 85044. Every day, thousands of people get crowns placed for fixing all types of tooth and mouth problems. In spite of how common the procedure is, the crowns are sometimes not understood well. In fact, some people are intimidated or frightened by the prospect of getting a crown restoration.

What Are Dental Crowns?

According to dentist in Phoenix, AZ, dental crowns are fixed prosthetic restorations made for restoring a damaged tooth. The crowns are cemented permanently on the teeth that are cracked, extensively decayed, or otherwise damaged.

When Are Dental Crowns Used?

The dentists instill crowns for performing several important functions. They not only protect weak teeth, but also restore broken teeth, prevent cracks in teeth from breaking further, and support the teeth that have large fillings. Some variants of crowns are also used for holding the dental bridges in place.

How Do Dental Crowns Work?

The Phoenix dentist near me says that, the crowns fit on the teeth just like sewing thimbles fit on fingertips. They fit over the top of the tooth and protect the teeth underneath. They are cemented in place and once they are fixed, they act as a new top of the tooth, keeping it together and preventing it from breaking apart.

How Are Dental Crowns Installed?

The dentist will first apply the anesthetic, to numb the area around the tooth and surrounding gum tissues. Then the outer surface of the tooth is drilled on top and sides for removing some part of the tooth. If enough tooth is not left for supporting the crown, they may add a crown buildup for creating a sound foundation.

The dentist will then take the impression of the tooth and send it to a dental lab for getting a crown made. The dentist will place a temporary crown which will be removed when the permanent crown is ready.

Why Do Dental Crowns Help?

The crowns restore the shape, strength, functionality, and appearance of the tooth. It gives a new life to your ailing, damaged, or decayed tooth.

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