Dental Crowns Problems and Remedies

Frequent Dental Crown Problems and Remedies

Jun 16, 2019

A dental crown is needed in a variety of situations like to protect a weak tooth, restore an already broken tooth, cosmetic modification, etc. Even though Dental Crown is a long-term solution for repairing teeth but complications still arise. The expert dentist from 85044 has highlighted frequent dental crown problems along with their remedies.

  • Dental Decay
  • If you do not practice good oral hygiene after getting a crown, plaque may accumulate at the margin where the crown and the tooth meet. The best remedy for this is to brush and floss your teeth twice daily. Find your nearest dentist in Phoenix, az.

  • Sensitivity and discomfort
  • You may notice that your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold foods. This means that the crown does not completely cover your tooth. If this is the case, your dentist can apply a solution to the crowned tooth to protect the exposed dentin from temperature changes.

  • Loose crown
  • If this happens, you should contact your dentist immediately. This is because the loose crown allows bacteria to leak into your remaining tooth, causing further decay and damage.

  • Chips or fractures
  • Porcelain is not as tough as your natural teeth. Therefore, dental crowns made of porcelain or porcelain infused metal can sometimes chip, though this is rare. If the chip is small, your dentist can use composite resin to repair the crown. However, if the chip or crack is extensive, the only solution is to replace the crown.

  • Nerve issues
  • The process of getting a dental crown sometimes traumatizes these nerves. This could cause discomfort ranging from mild sensitivity to excruciating pain. You might notice symptoms of nerve issues soon after getting a dental crown. The best remedy for this problem is to give your tooth a root canal and get a new crown. If pain increases, book an appointment with Dental by Design.

  • Allergic reactions
  • This is a very rare problem that only affects people who are allergic to any of the metals used to make the crown. The only remedy is to get a new crown made from different materials. If the allergy reaction persists, find a dentist in Phoenix, Near me.

  • A dark line at the gum
  • This dark line is simply the metal of the crown showing through. If the dark line forms in the front of your mouth, the dentist can replace your crown with an all-ceramic or all-porcelain one.

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