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Get the General Cosmteic and Restorative dentistry by the best dentist in Phoenix, AZ

Oct 01, 2019

Dentistry is that part of science that includes the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases that affect the mouth and jaw area.

General dentists are the primary level caregivers who analyze, inspect and detect the disease of the mouth and further guide you by the channel of specialists.

Restorative Dentistry as the name suggests is all about restoring your teeth against any damage of the teeth, gums and jaw tissues. The procedures can include implants, dentures fillings and so on.

Cosmetic Dentistry is more related to the correction of a smile of a person and thus related to the aesthetic part of dentistry. This includes teeth whitening, scaling polishing etc.

While general dentistry is to maintain oral hygiene and treat oral disease, Cosmetic Dentistry is all of these and also improving the appearance of your smile and mouth. To get all the three facilities of dentistry under one roof is total bliss and so at Dental by Design, you will find a Dentist near you in Phoenix.

General And Restorative Dental Procedures include:

  • Dental Bridges: As the name suggests, a dental bridge not only bridges the gap between the missing teeth thus maintain the jaw structure intact.
  • Dental Crowns: As the name suggests, it is a tooth-like a crown that is placed on the damaged teeth to protect it from damaging further.
  • Dental Implants: Implants are the permanent solution to missing teeth. It is attached on the missing teeth with metal or plastic screws and thus prevents the shifting of teeth in the gaps created.
  • Dental Fillings: A decayed tooth or a damaged tooth is protected by metal fillings which looks like the original tooth and thus protects the damaged tooth.
  • Dentures: The damaged one or more teeth are replaced by an artificial tooth that looks exactly like a real tooth. This is called dentures and has become a more prevalent method due to its comfortability and affordability.
  • Gum Diseases: Swollen, Tender, Bleeding gums might be a cause of periodontal issues. These need to be treated by surgical or nonsurgical treatments.
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction: Though found in old age, yet the damage in this type is severe and hence the entire teeth structure has to be replaced with artificial dentures. This may also draw inferences from cosmetic dentistry.
  • Root Canal: One of the famous and prevalent treatments, which includes the removal of infected tissues that may be irking the tooth.
  • Inlays and Overlays: These treat the cusps or the gaps created between the various cusps of the teeth.

Though cosmetic dentistry is more prevalent, many at times, its foundation is laid on restorative dentistry. Cosmetic Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ, is easily available at Dental by Design where a team of highly professional dentist provides you services which are affordable and reliable.

Now let’s have a look at the popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures:

  • Teeth Whitening: This is the most popular service taken up by people where the discoloration of the teeth is rectified with the help of bleaches which helps in getting rid of stains from the teeth. However, it only works on natural teeth and does not affect dental implants or root canals or artificial dentures.
  • Bonding: chipping of teeth is very common and this is corrected with the help of bonding where a mixture is used to fill the chipped teeth. It can last up to a few years but it may wear off and needs to reapply from time to time.
  • Contouring: In this, the teeth are reshaped in its size, position, shape to give it a more beautiful and aesthetic outlook. Laser therapy can also be used for this method.
  • Veneers: The front tooth is taken care of with this where porcelain or plastic shells are used to cover the tooth and is more effective than whitening or bonding.

So if you are looking for any kind of solution by Dentist in Phoenix, AZ, Just visit Dental by Design for complete care of your teeth, jaw or smile. Keep Smiling!

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