5 Signs That You Need Immediate Attention from An Emergency Dentist

Apr 01, 2019

If you experience an emergency involving your teeth, there is no time to spare. It is necessary that you get immediate help from a professional dentist, such as the Dental by Design clinic. Our professional dental staff can help you when you experience a dental emergency of any kind.

Bleeding Will Not Stop

If you experience bleeding that does not slow down, you may have an injury that must be addressed. Your emergency dentist can find the cause and stop bleeding before any serious consequences occur.

Broken or Fractured Teeth

Depending on how severe the crack in the tooth is, you may need a professional to look at it immediately. If not, you have the potential to lose your tooth or develop further pain and dental issues.

Pain in the Tooth that Does Not Go Away

Pain in the tooth can be indicative of a more severe problem. If you have pain that is continuous and worsens when chewing or applying pressure, see your dentist right away so that your mouth can be examined, and treatment can be administered.

Swollen Gums, Throbbing Pain

If you experience pain in your mouth that is not from a tooth, there is likely a swollen area on your gumline. If you notice the pain getting worse, then waste no time going to an emergency dentist near you. If there is any issue with the gums, your Dental by Design dentist will know what to do.

Teeth Have Been Knocked Out of Socket

If a tooth, or several teeth, have become dislodged from the socket of the mouth then you must act immediately. Rinse the tooth with cold water and try to place the tooth in the socket to stop any bleeding. If you can’t, then use a container of saliva or milk to hold the tooth until it can be placed into the socket by our Phoenix emergency dentist.

If you find yourself needing an emergency dentist in Phoenix, AZ 85044, then visit Dental by Design for comprehensive care for your teeth. Do not hesitate to visit an emergency dentist in 85044 if you notice any of these issues.

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