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My name is Apryl and I am managing both DBYD and DVD offices. Every year Dr. Kode hosts a Suns Event for our patients. We need your help to create something on the website for patients to RSVP. I need them to be able to put there name, phone number and email and select 1 or 2 tickets. Also I need to make sure if possible when the RSVP it will send them a message that it has been received. Our Event is coming soon on November 10th (sunday) from 6-9 pm. We will also be hosting a pre-game party at Copper Blue’s from 4-6pm. We would need to have it on both websites. I have a couple slides of what we did last year. We are also going to be offering a few other things as well….

  • Autographed Signature Ball exchange for Kids( 10 ppl)
  • Cutting of the net( 30 ppl)
  • Hi- Five with the Players(20 ppl)
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