Tooth Extraction

5 Reasons You May Need Tooth Extraction

Jul 16, 2019

Dentist at phoenix az try their best to restore the tooth but if nothing can help extraction is the only way left. Five reasons where extractions are essential are:

  • Decay or Damage

Decay or cavity must be removed at early stage because if it proceed and reach to extreme stages, it cannot be treated with dental treatment. In such cases, when decay or damage has already reached to an extreme case, patient must choose extraction as the only solution.

  • Diminished Bone Density or Gum Tissue Volume

In case when patient suffer from gum disease, he/she may get prone to systematic illness or chronic disorder and this may lead to diminished jawbone or recession of the gum tissue. This may lead to tooth loss. In such cases, one must not delay their visit phoenix area dentists for proper treatment.

  • Crowding & Impaction

Crowding is the problems arise in mouth when there is not proper space for teeth to grow. Sometimes the existing teeth is so big that there left no space to accommodate new teeth growth, this may lead to crowding or overlapping. In such cases, tooth extraction is important to ensure better smile and proper functioning.

  • Complications Associated with Treatment for Chronic Illness

Chronic illness may lead to severe oral complications. Sometimes, the treatment of such issues may lead to tooth loss. This may include cancer drugs, chemotherapy, radiation etc. in some cases, this issue may cause severe decay or damage and in such cases, it is worth visit dentist near you without any delay.

  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth is the tooth that may arrive in later twenties. This can be problematic and painful for some patients and in such cases extraction of wisdom becomes vey essential. If wisdom tooth is really a problem for you, immediately find expert dentist near me.

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